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June 30, 2008


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More often than not 'stonking' is made even more expressive by being succeeded by a word such as 'great' -- as in 'stonking-great heels'. In this context the word 'stonking' is always emphasised.

I hear it used commonly as a noun, as in 'that's a stonker!' ...though, as it can be applied to anything big, first the speaker needs to identify to his audience to what he's referring.

Love this word! I only encountered it for the first time about a year ago and have been trying to use it more frequently ever since.

A note of caution on usage in England. A man using the phrase: 'I've got a stonker' would mean only one thing and, yes, it's Viagra-related.

I was directed here when I googled "stonking," which I had just run across in the album title "Talcum Soul: 26 Stonking Northern Soul Greats," which now makes perfect sense. By the way, for those of you on one side of the Atlantic or the other, "Northern Soul" in England is roughly equivalent to America's "Beach Music" (popular on the East Coast), which in turn has nothing to do with the Beach Boys and Surf Music (on the West Coast). Now there's another quirk of the English language...

I hear this alot

" look at shieldz's stonking sausage"

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