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June 26, 2008


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You should check out Pushing Daisies; that show has a ton of businesses with amusing names.

Chef Boyardee had a real product called Beefaghetti, but it seems to have been discontinued.

@Dan: I watched the Pushing Daisies pilot. Found it too unbearably twee. (I'm apparently the only person in the universe who loathed "Amelie," and PD is an overt homage.) But if it has good names, I'll give it another chance.

@Name Inspector: Y'know, it *sounded* familiar...

Wheeeee! What fun, thanks! And look what I just came across: http://www.seriouseats.com/required_eating/2008/06/the-simpsons-duff-and-flaming-moes-energy-drinks.html

Now I can't get "House of Pressed Fish" out of my head. I keep picturing jars and jars of gefilte fish, which (even though I've tried gefilte fish and found it less disgusting than I had imagined) still creep me out. Something about the gel . . .

@Karen: Oh, that's too wonderful. Thanks!

@Editrix: As Homer would say, "Mmmmm ... gefilte fish!" With Atomic brand horseradish, of course--which would fit right into the nuke plant/Isotopes theme!

"Bodacious Frittatas", so hip,yet hauntingly lyrical.

Love the list, Nancy.

You should see if you can get an interview with Groening or his team about this. It'd be great to see an article about this in a civic-management magazine or in a color piece in the Chron.

This is so cool!

Nope, you are not the only loather of "Amelie." Back to the topic at hand, I forwarded the list to my twelve year-old for her amusement. Me, I'll dine out on it for days.

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