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June 18, 2008


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It's interesting that a blog about proper usage and an entry about made-up words would misquote Mork from Ork's "Nanu nanu" signoff.

Well, on second thought, I suppose you think that Robin Williams could add the extra "k" to make a few extra K from VW in a cute ad campaign. Still though . . . .

@Matt: Not a misquote--an embellishment. Thanks for paying attention, though.

The naming of car models is huge. The names almost all sound absolutely ridiculous and often mean absolutely nothing. Yet somehow they hit something subconscious in us and give us a feeling.

I recall a Bloom County edition (remember that cartoon strip?), when they used a computer to find out the mood of the electorate. It turns out that what the electorate was looking for was "chocolate ├ęclair".

So now I am off to riffwhoa with a little enjamma, and hope they don't name a car after me!

Tiguan in Chinese Ti = Kick, Guan = Can.

So this is a kick can!

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