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May 02, 2008


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How do you say 'asshole' in Icelandic?

My Icelandic is a little rusty (frozen?), but I think the word starts with the letters : con...

Just to clarify a term, "Cuban heels", refers to closed dance shoes for men and women that can be worn to formal occasions. "Pumps" are "nondance" shoes of the same style for women. The heel itself has nothing to do with the term. Most social dance shoes have heels of one to two inches for men and two to four inches for women. If you check back with the great Manolo you will find that he mentions, "ridiculously styled" Cuban heels and shows a pair. If you check any dance shoe site you will find that, "Cuban heels" are quite classic in appearance, well styled, and nicely crafted as they are usually used in judged competitions. As far as, "elevator shoes" I checked and found that Manolo actually recommends some styles for the "vertically challenged" man. These shoes are constructed with low heels. The wedged pads are hidden inside and the shoes look normal and stylish. However, I do appreciate the image. If men started wearing high heels as women do then, "Cuban heels" might do nicely for "mens high heels." Personally, if I decided to go "latin" this summer I'd pick the the Cole Han wedges.What do you think?...... Thank you, Nancy, for all your great posts this last week and the sites mentioned. I enjoyed everyone!

The romance (?) copy is a little too thick to be sure, but I think he's given that Kevlar (tm?) handkerchief the brand name "The Damned".

Wow, that's gotta be the Best New Product Name of the Week, don't you think? Woulda made a good perfume name for the right client. Pretty good punk band, too, featuring both Captain Sensible and Rat Scabies (!)


@Nick: "Cuban heel" refers only to the heel--broad, slighly curvy, generally no higher than 2"--and not to the style of the shoe. Cuban heels appear in all sorts of shoe styles, from boots to sandals.

I've been a ballroom dancer *and* a shoe copywriter, not to mention a compulsive shoe buyer, so I feel pretty confident about this!

Ok! I checked Merriam- Webster, which I should have done before, and then a few sites again. I found both "Cuban Heels" with an 's' to be pairs of a type of social dance shoe ,usually for women, and "Cuban heel" to be a medium height curved at the back heel ,from Merriam Websters(the dictionary, not the store). Back at Manolo I found that he refered to "stacked heels" (straight up and down heels) used as elevators. What I originally wanted to point out was that " Cuban heels" are not really elevator shoes. By the way, did you ever meet Marge Gabbart at "Facinating Rythm" ? I took disco partner and Latin dance lessons from her in 70s. She once used me as her assistant for a Latin dance demo for beginners. At 5'2". ( me not her) it was quite a rush.

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