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May 13, 2008


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It's not a business, but in the Achewood webcomic Nice Pete once formed a band called Mister Band: "It is a good, honest name that people can believe in."


I used to have a plant sprayer called Mr. Mister. :-)

Chicago once had a Ms. Eggroll. The carryout menu was delightfully rife with errors. "Ms. Eggroll is the best for your choose" was the motto on the front of the menu.

Mister Donut still survives in Asia and Japan. Mister Donut USA was taken over by Dunkin' Donuts.

I wonder if there's not a niche book seller out there focusing on detective novels and going by the name "Mr. Rious"?

It does raise questions about the distaff representation as there's hardly a "Mrs." for every "Mr." Off the top of my head branding-wise I can only think of Mrs. Paul's and Mrs. Field's, both of which are food-oriented and implicitly nurturing, neither of which meet the "Mrs" + Product/Service construction. Where is Mrs. Fixit? Mrs. Clean? Ms. Taxidermy?

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