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May 29, 2008


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Anyway, I wish the Online Etymological Dictionary would cite sources in each entry.

Oh, oh, oh, that reminds me -- what's the word for a faux dictionary entry that is inserted randomly to prevent other publishers from just copying a dictionary and calling it their own? I used to know this....

@Goofy: I agree re: citing sources.

@Karen: Don't know the dictionary-specific term, but in mapmaking it's called a copyright trap--or, more colorfully, a "bunny." (Although "bunny" may be a San Francisco regionalism--I've looked for citations from outside the Bay Area and couldn't find any.) I'm fascinated by this subject and have wanted to write a post about it for some time now.

You can imagine, Nancy, how that description of me as a tea-sodden football hooligan makes me fume. I don't like tea and I don't like football -- maybe I'm not English. However, thanks for bringing it to my attention: perhaps you can send the lads round to see whoever wrote it -- assuming you can find out.

Me? I'll keep on using 'gaol', not because no one understands 'jail', but because it's old and quaint and needs my support.

Mountweazel! http://www.newyorker.com/archive/2005/08/29/050829ta_talk_alford

@Karen: Oooh, that's good. I sense a Word of the Week in the offing.

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