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May 22, 2008


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My jaw drops in lemon-colored shame and bright green rage.

typepad...bleah! Nancy, come on over to squarespace.com for a truly elegant platform that works great and looks good doing it!

Tay: I am THIS CLOSE to taking you up on that.(Although I see the split screen has finally kicked in.)

It has always bothered me that the colour named "chocolate" in html is really more orange than brown (#d2691e, to be precise). "Pumpkin" would not be a bad name for it.

I think that one of the colours TypePad calls "Sea Blue" should be renamed "Sea Also Blue," but I'm not sure which one.

Or they could at least distinguish which sea. The Caribbean Sea is a whole nother shade from the North Sea.

The core of the problem with those computer generated colors is that none of them vaguely resemble anything remotely connected with nature. Yet all traditional color names are realistically natural. The computer people will tell you that if you go back to the color palette you can choose your own colors. Don't believe them. You won't find a green apple "green" or a red apple "red". Step into a classroom and try to answer the question, "Why are the apples blue?" If it's necessary at all to put names on the results of those,"rainbow roadkills" they should match the color with an actual artificial object starting with ," toilet bowl white" and "wallpaper paste cream" all the way through to "used oil filter black". They're not pretty, but at least you'll know what you're getting. cheers

Is there a rule for capitalizing colors? I just don't know where to look for the answer. Merriam-Websters shows lower case for chrome green.

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