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April 10, 2008


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You're probably thinking of Alan Berliner's "The Sweetest Sound."

A year ago I got a message on Facebook from my British doppelganger, who has the same name and the same birthday. He said "We are legends!" and that's the last I've heard from him.

My claim to fame is that Robert Redford played Martin Bishop in "Sneakers," something a suprising number of people know and tell me when I introduce myself to them.

In fact, the cinematic Martin Bishop turns up way before me on a "Martin Bishop" search. I don't even make the first page.

I've never found another Amy Reynaldo on Google. I like it just fine that way, too.

Lee has got to be the most diverse Googlegänger name in America. My dentist, an Asian woman, shared that last name with an African-American guy who worked at her reception desk (no relation), and there are plenty of white Lees around, too.

Could it be Dave Gorman you are thinking of? He had an excellent show where he explained his journeys around the world looking for other Dave Gormans, all because of a bet. He did something similar with Googlewhacks as well. Legend.

or it could be Jim Killeen with his film "Google Me"

I wondering if this gives creditability to numerology?
The letters of your name changed into numbers to tell your fortune. People with the same names would have similiar fortunes and experiencies.

Somebody already mentioned Dave Gorman, which is the other project along this lines I've heard of...

Funny, just this morning the TODAY Show had a story on film-maker David Wilson who is, as his film's website says "... a 28-year-old African-American journalist... [who]journeys into his family’s past... [and] meets another David Wilson, the descendant of his family’s slave master."

Myself, I've thought of a book project along these lines: YES, WE HAVE SOME JIM ALLENS. I figure there are enough of us that even if only the other Jim Allens bought it, it'd be a best-seller.

When I heard about Angela Shelton's book, I thought of the various Mary Sullivans I know -- one of whom I met through this very same Nancy Friedman! In several different cases, we Marys found we shared a healthcare provider, which is more than a little disconcerting. One uses the same optician I do. Another was a patient of the same OB/GYN I was seeing and gave birth to a son at the same hospital, same time, as when I had my first son. Yes, I brought home the right kid!

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