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April 16, 2008


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Ooh, Nancy, you missed their Steamy Buns campaign in March (http://www.famima-usa.com/events/index.html). Gosh, I hope they do it again!!

I am so obsessed with the inexplicable juxtaposition of their "Premium Experience" and "Premier Sandwiches," however, that I don't yet have the time to obsess over how to pronounce Famima, with or without double exclamation marks!!

At the very top of the second photo, did you catch the double exclamation point followed by a possessive? " Famima!!'s "

Looking at the photograph, my first guess was that it was a restaurant or take-away, and if I encountered such an establishment I would assume the name to be perfectly deliberate. Potential customers see a word that looks like famine and are prompted to think, "yes I am feeling rather famished, now you come to mention it, and I would like some food". The same psychology is used often enough by other establishments (e.g. Hungry Jack's http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hungry_Jack's ), and it makes perfect sense. I don't agree with you that "Famima" is an unsuitable name in English for a food establishment.

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