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April 27, 2008


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Hmm. So all those places where full stops (periods) are used in English that don't denote sentence ends are to be forgotten, the Prof. thinks? Those kids et al. are to be commended for their dedication to simplicity. Or how about a pause...for thought? Or just a fade out...Bye now!

Language changes, but trying to predict which useful things will be lost strikes me as about as viable as predicting the weather in 10 years' time!


Most writing systems have no distinction between small and capital letters.

That doesn't strike me as a reason to dispense with them, though. After all, lots of language systems don't have (or didn't have) punctuation, either. And yet somehow most people do find it useful.

I'm not advocating the dispensal of capital letters. I'm just saying that we will survive if it happens.

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