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March 12, 2008


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What are you talking about. Those sculptures are awesome.

You say that "diva" means "goddess" in Italian, but none of the online Italian dictionaries I checked support that. "Goddess" is "dea". "Diva" means "goddess" in Latin.

What better showcase for such finely sculpted mystical crap than Longs Drugs?

Ceramic figurines always have a way of confusing me. For example: "Betsy Ross in All Her Splendor" or "Why not add Nancy Reagan to your first lady collection?" I think it goes back to my first experiencies at Woolworths when they still had wooden floors. I still remember the sign. Displayed prominently in front of a rickety display case. It may have been my first dose of poetry.

So lovely to look at
So wonderful to hold
If you break it
It's sold


Great advice for little kids and polititians eh?

By the way according to my volume of "Celtic Tales" fairies are definitly not what you would want to have hanging around anywhere close by. cheers!

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