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March 03, 2008


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Practically speaking ,the root of the problem is that a semicolon is called something that it's not. It is not a weak colon; it does something completely different. A colon should be called a "presenter" and : be replaced by > . Then we will pay attention to what follows. A semicolon should be called a "divider" and ; would be replaced by / a short slash. It helps us separate some other things that may be confusing. For example: " On our honeymoon we visited> Paris, France/ Rome, Italy/ and London, England. The elephant was big/ it ate lots of food.
What if tools were named the same way as the poor misnamed,misused,misunderstood,shuned and unappreciated semicolon? What if a saw was called a "hammer" and a hammer was called a "saw" ? Hand me that semisaw. I need to hammer in some nails. What if a "semihammer" was in reality a saw? Does anyone experience confusion or doubt over the term " snow tires"? Why can't grammatical terms be useful and informative? Why can't a "gerund" be called a "doing noun"? Prepositions could be called "pointers" and "helpers".
As many community groups are banding together to get rid of "legalese" so that everyone can easily understand laws and contracts, it would be even better if we could understand how to use our own language without the aid of books the size of small trucks.
Have a Happy Grammar Day! seeya/gottago/Nick

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