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March 06, 2008


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Wow? Ow, Ow.

And also Whoa.

I couldn't agree with you more. Why did such patently smart women make such a hash of this and then voluntarily expose how naive they were to the NYT? (Why the NYT should profile them before the site is even launched is another question.)Your expertise would have been invaluable. BTW I love your blog, but for what it's worth, I much preferred its original title.

I for one HATE the lumping together of "women over 40" and "young women" over in another category. At 41, this group of women and their site doesn't speak to me at all. But I also cannot stand MySpace.

I do, however like your blog very much.

Hot Voodoo would've been a damn sight better than this hot mess. Just appalling how much the technological ignorance and marketing tone-deafness shines through.

For women over 40? Perhaps they should have gone with "Double-Venti" or "Venus Venti", except nobody would love that either. It would be very vigesimal, though (and I think my wife would prefer counting her age in base 20 rather than base 10).

I've got it - they could have called it "The Vigesimal Monologs"!

If you'll excuse me, I have to get over to GoDaddy right away...

They should've called it "BoToxIn'"
Check out this page...

Okay. One more and that's it, I swear.

"White Women and Whoopi on the Web"

Night Writer: Fabulous. The Vigesimal Va-jay-jay--hear her roar!

Edwina Trout: Yikes! That line-up looks downright marmoreal. Marlo Thomas is 70, for Jeebus' sake! She's practically That Dowager! Time to respect the law of gravity, I say.

I've heard the URL pronounced as "wow, wow, wow," which is not a bad impression to give of your site--but not an accurate spelling of the URL, either!

Makes me think of the way the naming of Slashdot backfired on its creators. Of course, that site went on to become a huge success in spite of its awkward-to-say URL. I'm not sure Wowowow.com will be as lucky. I'm 40 myself, and can't see much appeal in it.

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