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February 27, 2008


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". . .yet easy and fun to pronounce..."


Long a or short a..?? Short i I assume..??

'Rum Raspberry Chocolate Mousse Cake'

Not the most exotic item on the menu ...but sure hits all my gustatory buttons...

Now if all that could over-ride my hesitiancy to pull my billfold out of my pocket after seeing some of the prices.


P.S. Watership Down is a favorite of mine also...

Tom: The pronunciation of "Crixa" follows default English rules--"crix" rhymes with "fix," "mix," "six." A long-i pronunciation ("crikes"?) would be unusual, to say the least, and would probably be signaled by an "e" after the "x." The final "a" is pronounced as in other familiar a-ending names such as Laura, Dana, Joshua, etc. I can't think of any a-ending words that take the long-vowel pronunciation; that would require, for example, -ay (Crixay).

While it's true that in English pronunciation can't be assumed, I think "Crixa" is about as self-evident a name as you can ask for.

No problem; it is, then, as I thought.

When I see 'cukrászda' and 'crixa' in the same post . . .well, you can surely appreciate, if not understand, my uncertainty...

Thanks for the reply.


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