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February 13, 2008


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Does Smeg makes wine fridges where we can store our Buboes? "Honey, could you grab the white Bubo out of the Smeg?"

There's an orange juice in France called Pschitt (the p is silent) and in, I believe, Sweden a chocolate dessert unfortunately named Plopp.

Good thing I wasn't right in the middle of swilling some Bubo, Orange! That cracked me right up. Meanwhile, Nancy, you read my mind: I was just out shopping (research, really!) and saw a shoe called Pishro. Looks like it may be an Iranian brand, so it's likely they didn't know that "pishen" is Yiddish for "to pee." Is there a market for incontinence footwear?

Oh, these are painful. And Italian is such a beautiful language. Even apart from the meaning in English (sufficently obscure that it's probably only we intellectuals who will cringe), can you hear the thud of "SMEG" in the middle of an Italian sentence?

I once saw a list of unfortunate foreign product names in a book. Along with "Pschitt" and "Plopp," other gems were "Pipi" (a Yugoslavian orange drink -- this was a long time ago, before Yugoslavia broke up), "Shitto" (a pepper sauce from Ghana -- and there may be some truth in advertising there), "Colon Plus" (a laundry detergent from Spain), and "My Fanny" (Japanese toilet paper).

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