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February 06, 2008


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Huckabee has called himself the Wal-Mart Republican. Not as catchy, but it's another example of a brand name attached to a politician.

Thanks, Lance. I've been tracking Huckabee's biblical allusions (last night: "one small smooth stone," "widow's mite") but missed the Wal-Mart reference.

They've corrected it, but the usually excellent Foreign Policy Passport blog referred to it as the widow's "might". Oy.

"Maybe they're more disposed to grab a Dunkin' Donut and a cup of joe--no Starbucks venti skinny soy lattes for them, thanks very much--and pull the lever for Hillary."

There do seem to be a few hits out there for "Starbucks Democrat" (and also "Starbucks Liberal"), so maybe "Dunkin' Donuts Democrat" was coined specifically with this contrast in mind?

Q. Pheevr: Good point! (And good research, which I was too lazy to do myself.) I see a few Wal-Mart Democrats out there, too; I can imagine them getting into a rumble in the parking lot with Huckabee's Wal-Mart Republicans.

The Dunkin' Donuts font, which appears to be Frankfurter Bold, reminds me of all of the goofy post '60s corporate logos.

As with other familiar things which became ubiquitous at that time, like styrofoam and plastic shopping bags, I feel no nostalgia when I see it.

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