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February 22, 2008


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That's a lovely remembrance, Nancy. I'm sorry you lost your dad, but you're lucky to have such a wealth of wonderful memories.

It is a lovely remembrance of your father. And remembrances are for those of us who are left behind, not those who have gone on. How wonderful of you to share it with us!

Wonderful. It's a fine fine memory.


Sorry to hear about the lost of your father may be comforted among the mourners of Zion

I did wonder about you this week and am sorry to hear of your loss. My heart goes out to you. What a beautiful post on your father's life. Very moving. Thanks for sharing all those personal memories, I loved reading them.


That's a beautiful tribute, Nancy, I'm very sorry for your loss. Your memories paint a beautiful portrait.


Your father shines through in this wonderful piece that you wrote about him Nancy. If he were alive to read it, I doubt that he would have any corrections to make at all----I mean anyone who would encourage you to say "I don't prefer" was probably never short on opinions. A lovely, loving, tribute which made my eyes tear up as I read it. My thoughts are with you.

This is a beautiful non-obituary. I'm very sorry for your loss, but also grateful to you for giving us this admirable portrait of an admirable man.

What is it about that song? I spent years unable to get it out of my head either, tho unlike my other big earmite (the theme from ":A Man and a Woman"), I at least liked this one. And I also never bothered to learn the words; it was something else, I think the onomatopoeia of 'follow, follow follow follow follow' (it's swinburnish, makes me think of onrushing water).

I also agree with your dad that movies are generally much more satisfying than plays. It's the magic of editing. The product is seamless. Good guy. Wish I'd known him.

Also: 'Amour' being masculine is hard to swallow, admittedly, but I was more amazed that the German for sun is feminine (die Sonne), moon masculine (der Mond).

This is really lovely, Nancy. Thanks for sharing this wonderful portrait of your dad.

My thoughts are with you. A daughter's relationship with her father is precious beyond words.


Your epitaph for your father brought me to tears. If it is any consolation, his legacy is a life of love well-lived. May you be comforted among the mourners of Israel.


My sympathies, and thank you for passing on those lovely memories at a painful time. It makes me treasure my own father all the more.

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