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January 22, 2008


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Aw, poor Bambi!

I think 'the ascender' would have been appropriate (a bit more gravitas befitting the end of an magnificent animal, don't you think?). But, speaking frankly, I know many people who would be tempted to use it on the hunter rather than the hunted. Or maybe that's just a British thing.

John: Alternate spelling Ass-Ender?

The Intestinator.

Nancy: you got it! I thought of spelling it as you did and then worried that readers would not get the 'ascending' (that is 'up') angle. So I spelt it 'ascender' knowing the sophisticates who read this site would think it through. I agree my spelling would be lost on the tool's target buyer (spot the pun!).

I must admit I find 'Butt Out' very crude (that is; 'tasteless'). I don't think it would cross the Atlantic.

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