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December 31, 2007


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Thoof? Snooth? If a parent wants to name their babies something unusual, that's their perogative but Thoof and Snooth sound like a person who has had a shot of novacaine that is trying to speak normally.

Actually, Thoof and Snooth might be great names for characters in a child's book. Twins perhaps?

If you see any "keepers" please add them to my names list, ok?


Snicker we may at some of these 2007 names, but I guffawed in 2001 at the name Toyota gave to its hybrid car -- Prius. How do you pronounce that, I wondered. People will never get it straight. Pry-us? Pree-us? I thought they had missed the boat. I stand corrected!

Snooth?? Forsooth!

Great wrap-up for a very interesting year for brand names. Now that the Wii has silenced its critics, I shudder to think of the names imitators might come up with in 2008.

Pii? iiBay? Mii2?

I think the Prius has succeeded despite its name--which never fails to make me think of "priapic"--and not because of it.

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