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November 16, 2007


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Rule Number One: There Shall Be No Bogarting of the Erin!

Nah... She's really great, isn't she?

Of the candidates she promotes I'm particularly particular to Brick. Especially since I set a personal record this year and bricked FOUR computers and a telephone before I realized that my powerstrip had shorted and was basically trying to supercharge everything I plugged into it.

I always understood to 'brick' was to render impotent by the application of two heavy, opposed objects -- such as bricks -- to the testicles of a male animal or human: most commonly used when referring to cats. I hasten to add that, as far as I know, neutering has never been actually been carried out this way, except in jokes. I assume when referring to electronic equipment it means to 'render as useful as a brick'?

There's already a word that means "someone who deliberately promotes discord, especially in online environments" -- troll


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