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November 18, 2007


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Go back to French class, Mike. Big difference between vu and vous, and guru in French is "gourou"; Vuguru is essentially unpronounceable in French. Meanwhile, it reminds me not only of Viagra, but also of Vigoro (the weed-killer and pesticide brand), and visually, of "vulgar."

Right on, Jessica! And I'm sure all you Scrabble players out there know the meaning of that useful word "vug": a hole in a rock.

I thought of Vigoro, too ... but I thought even more of boogaloo, Subaru, and most of all the much-feared loupgarou of bayou folklore. My guess is that Eisner was thinking of something like "view - guru," suggesting a master of things to look at. But that's no excuse. It's still ugly. - Bob

Now you guys have me singing: "...when you do that Vuguru that you do so well..."

Or as they say in the blogosphere, "Go Vug Yourself!"

Well, as we know from Hulu and Lulu, "u" is clearly the go-to vowel for online media these days. Guess they're running out of consonants to alternate with the u's.

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