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November 14, 2007


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When we were little, my parents used to go away to a resort in the Catskills called the Nevele, which was supposedly started by eleven people.

Great post. For a 6th grade social studies writing assignment, we had to create a fictional country; with maps, economy, culture, the works. Mine was located in the south seas, was like Australia in a vague way and was named "Rehtaeh",(with French accent) my first name spelled backwards.

-the artist formerly known as "Heather"

The magazine Radar is radar spelled backwards. There's Elle magazine. Then there's the Honda Civic.

Around northern New Jersey I occasionally see dumpsters that say "Nacirema" (from Nacirema Industries in Bayonne), which always reminds me of Horace Miner's classic anthropology article, "Body Ritual among the Nacirema."


There's that other backward-named natural foods company, Erewhon, unfortunate because they got the idea from a retarded book of that name by Samuel Butler about how Darwin was a socialist and thus obviously completely wrong. But perhaps I'm just being politically Evian.

I too am very interested in this topic, so much so my book is Titled Dnarb. You can download a free copy at www.outbsolutions.com

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