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November 29, 2007


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Nancy, if you liked those paint jobs, you'd probably enjoy seeing some images from the annual NATO Tiger Meet.


Go to Google, click on "images" and enter NATO Tiger Meet


Here in the UK, one transport company, with a very run-of-the-mill livery, has acquired a cult following. 'Eddie Stobart Ltd', though they only started in 1970, had the idea of naming every one of their fleet with a girl's name. The first was 'Twiggy', the 60's fashion icon. Today they are one of the biggest carriers in the UK and fans have set up several sites in honour of them.


'Eddie Spotters' are a menace as, having overtaken a truck, they strain their necks to read the name written under the windscreen (sorry, 'windshield'). It goes further because now you can join the club and propose names to adorn new vehicles. They claim even Americans have joined.

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