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October 29, 2007


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Thanks for your comments on my book. Shafer gets a lot of criticism for reproducing many broadcast bloopers after the fact, but I think he's more significant for turning bloopers into intellectual property, material that people want to be legally protected -- and that one has to pay to use.

As for the near-aptronym of my name: the stress on the two words isn't the same (on the first syllable of "error," on the second of "Erard"). Adults do make intonation errors like these but usually with words that have more than 2 syllables. You might note that the first syllable of my surname is pronounced the same as the verb, "err." That way, you get the near-aptronym, but you don't have to look for an explanation in speech errors.

I hope you've enjoyed the book!

Michael--Thanks for dropping by, and yes, I enjoyed your book very much. And thanks for not being too hard on me for having a little whimsical fun with your surname. I realized the pronunciation wasn't identical, but the visual resemblance to "error" was too amusing to resist.

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