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October 03, 2007


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When I hear of "Blackwater" the military contracting firm, I can't help thinking of "Men with Blackwater Die", in Beryl Markham's memoir, "West with the Night" (which BTW has the world's best cover blurb, from Ernest Hemingway). When you're sending mercenaries off to exotic locations, you probably don't want to be associated with a deadly complication of malaria (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Blackwater_fever ). But the target audience probably doesn't get the reference.

What a great list!

Speaking as a male geek, "Blackwater" is a bad-ass name. It reeks of, "Don't f**k with us," and I think it's a spot on name for them.

Janet: Thanks for reminding me about the malaria connection.

John: I'm sure you're not alone in that response!

It was suggested to me offline that Blackwater might be an allusion to "black [covert] ops." Believe it or not, there actually *is* a British outfit called Black-Op's Private Military Solutions: http://www.black-opsprivatemilitarysolutions.com/ I'm not sure I'd completely trust a security company that promises "Intelligernt" Services.

What I've enjoyed most (linguistically speaking) during all these congressional hearings about the murderous activities of Blackwater is the name of their industry's professional standards organization.

What, you didn't know that the mercs had a professional organization, a lobbying group? Sure, everybody does these days (except freelance namers, sorry, Tate). What's the name of the group that sets professional standards for and does press events on behalf of men paid to carry machine guns around the world in our name with no accounatbility?

Why, the International Peace Operations Association, of course. found at http://ipoaonline.org/php/

Mr. Orwell, white courtesy telephone, please...

Re: namers org... It'll come, Mark. I have faith. It just needs someone with time. (December might just be when this thing happens... clients seem not to like me then...)

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