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October 26, 2007


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Oh, I went right ahead and Googled most of 'em yesterday. So sue me.

St. Louis and Milwaukee have airports named after a Lambert and a Mitchell, but I don't know who those people were.

Orange: There's a fascinating Wikipedia entry on Albert Bond Lambert (1875-1946), who was a St. Louis police commissioner and--in 1907--a founder of the Aero Club of St. Louis. He bought his first airplane from the Wright Brothers. By the way, the St. Louis airport was originally a balloon launching field. Lambert was quite the ballooning enthusiast.

As for Milwaukee's airport, it's named for General Billy Mitchell (1879-1936), considered the father of the U.S. Air Force.

Ta Da!
Laffing that I didn't know the "real" name of the airport, but I knew the story. I have a head full of mushy useless information.
Thank you for the recognition!

It might be that Friedman Memorial Airport is the only one named after a Jew, save Ben Gurion.

But I think until someone establishes that neither the Cochabamba, Bolivia airport, Jorge Wilstermann, nor the Navegantes, Brazil airport, Victor Konder, are named after Jews the jury should remain out.

Strangely, there doesn't seem to be a Jesus Christ Airport anywhere, which could enter the lists.

Lance: Point well taken. I didn't get far in researching Wilstermann or Konder: Wilstermann was Bolivia's first commercial pilot; Konder was Brazil's minister of public works in the 1920s. Neither surname is identifiably Jewish. My guess is that both men were of German ancestry. Lots of Germans in South America. For all kinds of reasons.

No Jesus Christ Airport, true. But Mother Teresa is, like, what--two degrees of separation?

It still freaks me out to visit my in-laws in Houston and pass through the stupendously-named George Bush Intercontinental Airport there. Growing up in Indianapolis in the 60s and 70s, I always preferred the old name for that airport, Weir Cook Municipal, to the current, very generic Indianapolis International Airport.

Hoosier World War One air ace Weir Cook's Google trail now leads to places like an e-bay sale of a post card from the old airport.


As far as JC, how about Corpus Christi International Airport?

Remember when there was trouble over giving a nuclear-armed submarine that name?

Wistermann of Bolivia most likely was not Jewish because ithink the Germans used the double "nn" to signal that fact.

Charles: Often true, but not always. My paternal grandfather at one time spelled our surname "Friedmann." Another example, off the top of my head: Frieda Loehmann, the (Jewish) founder of the discount retail chain Loehmann's.

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