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September 11, 2007


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I don't have an explanation for the grammaticalization of "ass", but I thought this XKCD comic (http://xkcd.com/37 ) was appropriate here. :)

Erin: That is one funny-ass comic. Thanks!

Your blog really kicks ass.

A crazy-ass coincidence! I've been wanting to comment about that here all day but I couldn't think of a suitable tie-in. Or ass-pun.

You could probably track the acceptability of "ass" through the Simpsons (and, digression: most h.c. fans would say that "jerkass" is an essential part of the critical vocabulary). Back in 1992, in one of my favorite episodes, Homer sheepishly pauses and looks around to say "You bet your sweet... ass!"

I've got no insight on our newfound tendency towards ass-affixation (assixing?), but as another sidenote, and without approving of everyone who says this: I've always been amused by the use of "ass" as a mass noun...

Our Bold Hero wrote: ass-affixation (assixing?)

I believe the word we're all looking for is "ass-phyxiation."

And thanks for the tip about The Simpsons! Is there any subject in contemporary culture on which The Simpsons is *not* the best authority?

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