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September 12, 2007


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The chat-room/online community crowds like those at iVillage—skewing toward middle-class middle-American middlebrow women—have used the dreadful term "baby dancing" as a euphemism for intentionally unprotected sex. Also its abbreviation, "BD." As in "DH and I BDed," meaning "darling husband and I screwed in the effort to conceive another DS (darling son) or DD (darling daughter)."


I like romantisocial, although it did take me a sec to pick up on the anti part of the blend, which is entirely overlapped by romanti.

If badgeraderie is the new name for “that happy feeling of kinship one feels for the driver of a car of the same make and model as one’s own," then what on earth are we supposed to call the happy feeling of kinship one feels for badgers?

Q. Pheever, re badgeraderie: That was my thought as well, but I was trying very hard not to be a sore loser. Perhaps my pal Mr. Verb (http://mr-verb.blogspot.com ), a U. of Wisconsin man, will weigh in with some badgering of his own.

Orange: And then there's the equally icky "baby bump" to describe the protuberance that results from successful BD.

Hey, congratulations! Given the number of people who submit, and the general calibre of submissions, even getting a mention is pretty special.

I second the "Ick" from Orange -- BD is too yucky even as a concept, never mind as a verb.

What about something more cold and corporate sounding, like "Goal-oriented Copulation".

Of course there's the question of verb-ing it -- not sure on the proper form. Would it be:

1. "We've been gocking our heads off, to no avail!"


2. "Not bad for a GOC!"

I submitted "deep breeding" but I think "heavy breeding" might be better.

Mike: Thanks!
Havi: I LOL'ed at GOC. If they're techies, why not OOC--object-oriented copulation? (Non-techies: there's this thing called object-oriented programming.) Or OOI (pronounced "ooeey")--object-oriented intercourse? Or even, uh, OOF?
Charles: "Heavy breeding"--yes!
I was also thinking about "We took a gamete-ing" or "We're majoring in engender studies."

as the submitter of "disapparamour" I have to say, we were totally robbed. "romantisocial" is clearly deserving of a free book or two =)
do you think I should have gone with "disappearamour" instead? the amount of time i spent grappling with the decision is embarrassing...

Jacob: Congratulations! I for one immediately got "disappear" from "disapparamour," which I think is the stronger spelling (and an ingenious coinage). I'm happy to have been mentioned at all in the column, and philosophical about the whole endeavor. I'm currently reading "Predicting New Words," by Allan Metcalf; the book's first sentence is, "The history of new words is largely a tale of failure." What are the odds you'll ever see or hear "hiberdating" again?

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