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August 20, 2007


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Hmm, -core seems to be developing into a snowclone morpheme. There's also nerdcore, as in rap, also in reference to hardcore. Now if I could only figure out how to search for other variants.

The -core suffix is widespread in modern music. User Wikiman232 details 57 of them, including queercore, gothcore, mathcore (dissonant 'noise rock'), metalcore (metal and punk), cuntcore (Vain Jane in 1997, to satirize 'cock rock'), speedcore (superfast), and thugcore (hiphop and metal). He also lists 2 insult '-core' names and 33 obscure names. (The others weren't obscure?)


'Mumblecore' sounds like a breakthrough extension: I found no youth culture '-core' neologisms outside of hardcore rock.

232 also notes record labels Bubblecore, Housecore Records, and Punkcore Records, and bands Bloodcore and Redcore.

Now who says Wikipedia isn't indispensible?


Fantastic research, Dave. Thank you!

Is it only a coincidence that it rhymes with Dumbledore? I'm probably getting my generations mixed up--but it seems as if there are so many of them these days!

Haha, it is just a coincidence, Bob, but Google thought I meant "Dumbledore" when I searched for "mumblecore"!

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