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August 16, 2007


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Just two days ago I was thinking of a 'favicon' for my blog and the word-balloon seemed like a decent idea because I talk about language--often spoken language.

Then I thought "No...Technorati already uses that." And a few moments later I thought "And Typepad does too."

And now this. It's one of those amazing confluences of evidence.


Goofy: I did some research. It was actually Slawesome! (with exclamation point), and as far as I can tell it's now Slawesome! R.I.P. (Or possibly M&A.) It was a service for recording and sending voice messages via email, which *does* seem sort of cole-slaw-like. Slawesome's tagline was, I'm sorry to report, "Email Hearts Voice." That's "hearts," spelled out.

Michael: "Favicon"--nifty! (And new to me.) This sort of design groupthink seems to occur in cycles. Back in the early 1990s all you had to do to create a logo was conjoin a bunch of arrows. Then, around 2000, I began noticing tilted ellipses everywhere. Whirlpool had gotten there first, but I really started paying attention when Al Gore's 2000 campaign used a version. (See http://www.4president.org/ocmi2000.htm .) It was as though the prospect of the millennium had us all lurching into orbit. I wonder what the next big logo trend will be.

Did you notice the 'O' in ".org" on the site banner? (as well as the favicon)

Michael: Ha! But I'm not sure that's a speech bubble. Could be the silhouette of a campaign pin.

Thanks for explaining "favicon" on your blog (http://wishydig.blogspot.com/2007/08/faviconography.html for those who want to follow up).

Hey. Good 'point'.

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