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August 16, 2007


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Entertaining post as usual. "The cat's pajamas" has always been one of my favorite expressions--wouldn't it make an excellent name for a band? (BTW, that link to the Maven's Word seems to be broken.)

Brad--Thanks for telling me about the broken link. (It was working fine when I wrote the post...) I've substituted another good list of cat idioms.

In England we say "the cat's whiskers -- or if we need a higher level of superlative; "the dog's bollocks". I believe the dog in question is a British-style bulldog: take a look at it in profile and notice how proudly it wears its testicles (much like a Scotsman wearing his sporran).

John: I've heard "the cat's whiskers" over here, too. Also, on rare occasions, "the cat's ass," which has the benefit of near-rhyme.

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