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August 28, 2007


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There's a certain amount of envelope-pushing required to differentiate yourself in a crowded market, but I would ask whether it makes sense to link questionable taste with a beauty product. Even dicier is the Spanglish allusions - is it meant to be romantic or a misbegotten attempt for cool street cred like a gang wannabe.

My biggest issue, though, is the way the marvelous human brain works, automatically re-organizing scrambled letters in a word into a pattern it recognizes. Perhaps you've seen the tests where a sentence is made up entirely of misspelled words (only the first and last letter of the word are in the correct place), yet the reader is still able to read and understand the sentence easily. With Hairapy you saw "Harpy"; I saw "Hairspray". Isn't getting your product's name out there already hard enough without adding to the confusion?

I think they're funny. There are some south Asian-themed ads that I've seen in Toronto: my hair is kinky like a jalebi, poofy like a gol guppa... etc.

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