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July 12, 2007


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Very, very odd. I also think Naturalizer appeals to an older audience (is that right?), so a strange name would likely be more off-putting to them than to a younger crowd.

Rhea--Yes, Naturalizer positions itself to women 35+ who appreciate comfort and value over whimsy and fashion. The brand has reached out to younger, more stylish women with its Signature line, using language like "sexy," "sophisticated," and "chic" to promote it. But as of today every single style in the Signature line was marked down, in same instances from $95 to $29.99. I'm guessing the strategy isn't performing up to expectations.

Comfort and value over fashion? In a shoe? Surely not! Speaking of strange product names,Ikea seems to have a policy of the stranger the better. Since it took over Habitat their products have gone the same way. They must have SUCH fun in the marketing department.
Companies seem to forget sometimes that words mean different things in different countries with often hilarious results. Can be catastrophic for the product though of course.
And I once heard about the CEO of a Japanese company who insisted a new camera should be named after his dog. Although I would love that to be true, I can't be sure!

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