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July 11, 2007


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Acrretive. My first reaction was Secretions.

"Accretive" is used in corporate finance circles, usually to describe the positive benefits of a merger: e.g., the transaction will be accretive to earnings. Given the nature of their consulting business, AS may be positioning themselves to a specific audience by emphasizing a benefit: our solutions will help you increase your stock price.

I still don't like the name, though; "Accretive Solutions" sounds like something you might soak your dentures in overnight.

I first read it as "Accreditive Solutions". I wonder how many would not use the long e sound when pronouncing "Accretive" and pronounce the e as in "credit" instead?

I also wouldn't have thought of "AS" as an abbreviation since the "as" is in lowercase as seen in the logo you posted above.

Spot on analysis. Leave it to accounting and finance companies to pick a word like "accretive." Your last point was my first reaction--yuck! The word also gives me a strong sense of "slow". That's what I want, all right: slow, dripping, yucky solutions. Sign me up.

Are you people bored? Do you seriously spend this much time analyzing names? Go volunteer at a non-profit, find a hobby or do something meaningful other than criticize names of companies. "Those who can, do. Those who can't....are critics".

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