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July 25, 2007


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Ummm...excuse me... but didn't Seagate consider the other aspect of Your On? Like testing the sound of the name when said in public? Your On ...may easily be confused with Your In, which in fact, "sounds" like "urine."

Just thought I'd bring it up.

Rusty: Yes, that association occurred to me too!

There was a piece in Harper's several years back that printed a series of letters between a former English teacher and the Coca-Cola company about a grammatical error in a Dasani ad. An excerpt from those is here (all I can find):


It was futile, of course ...

Speaking as somebody who has worked in some pretty high-powered marketing departments, including one at a ~$1B public company, I can say two things with virtual certainty:

1) Most career marketers, up to and including directors and vice presidents, are more than a couple notches down the intellectual totem pole (if you catch my drift) and couldn't string together a cogent sentence if their lives depended on it.

It would not surprise me in the slightest to discover that one or more entire "branches" of the corporate hierarchy at Seagate's marketing department could be traversed upward to a major decisionmaker without at any level encountering someone who is above an 8th grade writing level.

2) Forrest's reply is completely inane and just screams "C.Y.A." (I mean, honestly, are we supposed to believe that Seagate is trying to sell external hard drives with a tagline that requires a literary critic's assistance to parse out?)

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