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July 10, 2007


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Pepsi Fire? Sounds interesting :)Have you tried any of these versions? It'd be fun to have a tasting! I've heard the Pepsi Max is great- and can't wait for the Pepsi Natural- I love that they're only doing them in glass bottles.

Gemma--I don't drink soft drinks. I just read their labels.

But if I were to try one, it would have to be Ice Cucumber.

Ooo, lawdy. The Max has been all over the place, starting with the commercials that air all day long - I always yawn when I see them! (Hopefully you know what I'm talking about.)

You might get a kick out of Pepsi's website for the soda (wakeuppeople.com) - it sort of explains why this kind of Pepsi is different from the others (more caffeine, basically).

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