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June 19, 2007


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Yeah, the inversely thing is wrong. But their approach seems like a smart one. It's the first time I've seen something like advertised to make it seem cool. And you're right. We baby boomers hate being reminded that we're aging.

Maybe they were trying to say the older you get, the worse your hearing?

No, wait, I think they said what they meant - it fits in with the whole tone of the thing. They're saying, the better your life *has been* (note past tense), the deafer you're likely to be.

It's "Disruptive Branding" (oooooooh).

My boomer wife and I have had a cartoon on the fridge ('fridge?) for years that shows an old woman leaning over to an old man, who holds his cupped hand by his ear, and she's shouting, "I SAID, let's ROCK!"

Kim: "The older you get, the worse your hearing" is an example of direct proportionality (that is, unless you believe that older = better, in which case I have a bridge I'd like to sell you). I'd put this down to the language barrier (read the copy on the phonak.com English-language web site to see what I mean), but "direct" and "inverse" come from the universal world of mathematics, so there's no excuse.
Mark: Well, maybe. "The more loud life experience you've had, the less hearing you now have"? I guess that's right. Takes too long to figure out, though.

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