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June 29, 2007


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Left-Mart in the episode "Home Away from Homer" was amusing. (Flanders: "business has been pretty slow since that chain store moved in.")

There was also Fudd beer, IIRC, from the episode where Homer takes off for some reason, meets a country singer and becomes her agent (complete with white suit and hat).

This list literally had me crying at work. I might have missed these above, but my two favorites are

Try N' Save

Pay and Park and Pay

I loved this! But I had to add one of my favorites, which Grandpa Simpson uses on his hair

Lucky Lindy's Hair Pomade (tagline: You'll never fly solo again!)

Wikipedia also has a comprehensive list: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_products_in_The_Simpsons
Personally, my favorite is "Chippos", which my wife and I use at home to reference any bag of chips we have in the kitchen.

Another for the healthy & beauty section: Focusin, the ADD drug that Bart is given.

Don't forget Marge Simpson's favorite advice magazine: FRETFUL MOTHER

Karl--In the words of Mr. Burns: Oohhh, excellent! -- Nancy

In the Flaming Moe's episode, a knockoff restaurant opens called "Flaming Meaux." That's always been one of my favorites.

Don't forget Maison Derriere ("Are they talkin' about the bordello?" "No, the burlesque house!"). And then there was the short-lived Uncle Moe's Family Feedbag (which narrowly escaped being named Chairman Moe's Magic Wok or Madman Moe's Pressure Cooker).

Bloodbath and Beyond made me lose it. :)

This list isn't complete without the kitchen store named Stoner's Pot Palace. Otto's comment: "Man, that is flagrant false advertising!"

I second the Fudd Beer, "that made all those hillbillies go blind". Also, there were Krusty O's Cereal, "Now with a free jagged metal o in every box".

This has some overlap with existing lists at The Simpsons Archive (http://www.snpp.com/):

Springfield City Profile (http://snpp.com/guides/city.profile.html)
Springfield: King of All Media (http://snpp.com/guides/springfield.media.html)
Springfield Vacation (http://snpp.com/guides/vacation.html)

Still, you should submit your list to them!

Jordan--Thanks! I know about snpp.com, of course (it's in my blogroll), but obviously hadn't followed all of its myriad byways. -- Nancy

You mean Hairy Shearers.

Joe--I certainly do. Fixed now. Thanks! -- Nancy

Pete--Yes, that was one of my Wikipedia sources. Thanks for providing the link!

Flick--The episode was called "Colonel Homer," and the country singer ("Lurleen") was voiced by Beverly D'Angelo.

Dene, Jared, Our Bold Hero--Great additions! Thanks!

Hi Seymour (do you have Prince Albert in the can?)--That was a terrific episode ("Bart After Dark"), and thanks for the reminder about Maison Derriere. Here's a link to the song lyrics: http://www.area51newmexico.com/simpsons/simpsons_spring.html

I can't remember the episodes, but I remember a few more:

Pool Sharks - Where the customer is our chum!

Flowers By Irene (although this might not count, since it was an FBI cover rather than an actual business).

Jittery Joe's may actually be an homage to a existing coffee house rather than a Simpson's trope. I cannot speculate as to the writer's particular knowledge, but Neutral Milk Hotel recorded a live album at said establishment. I'd name the location, but I'm in Africa right now and the cs is... well, not.

Don't forget the hair regrowing tonic Homer used: Dimoxinil.

I liked the cutlery store called Alternative Knifestyles in the episode where Homer finds himself in the gay part of town.

Neal -- Good one. There were a bunch of stores in the gay neighborhood; I especially liked Armistead's Mopeds, a play on Armistead Maupin ("Tales of the City").

How about the hammock stores of Cypress Creek: Hammock Hut, Hammocks-R-Us, Put-Your-Butt-There and Swing Low, Sweet Chariot. Plus Mary Ann's Hammocks, where Mary Ann gets in the hammock with you.

I might be misremembering, but how about Monstromart: "where shopping is a baffling ordeal"?

Tanyasingsdido--You recall correctly. Monstromart made an appearance in a 1994 episode that featured James Woods: http://www.simpsoncrazy.com/episodeguide.php?episode=1F10
Thanks! -- Nancy

What! No mention of "Gorilla's Choice" brand bananas?

(Chief Wiggum's boys use their stickers to decorate the police radio board.)

Oddly: there really is a Golden Banana (presumed to be a male strippertorium, but I never checked) on Rt. 128 north of Boston.

This list makes me so happy. Thanks for doing all that hard work.

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