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June 21, 2007


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Sorry, but that will always stick in my head as the Lamborghini Mucilage.

Pun unintended.

Does anyone under 50 remember mucilage? Does it still exist?

A car is one of the top three things I really hope to name some day - the other two being a movie and a perfume.

If your company needs a name for one of these things, call me! I'll work extra hard on that project.

Well, I guess you should call Nancy first - she may well call me as soon as she hangs up with you, anyway!

I've never named a car or a movie, but I *did* once work on a perfume project, and it was every bit as much fun as you'd think. The best part of perfume naming is that the name (and sometimes the package design) often comes *first*--before the fragrance is created. Depending on which name is selected, the perfume may be floral or fruity, musky or woody. Amazing.

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