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April 23, 2007


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You know... it is rare for me to get chills from reading a quote about naming. But the title of the post (from Mr. Harder) did it for me. There is *huge* power in being a namer - many of us don't realize it and as such we abuse the power. Companies, people, animals, bridges, buildings... we name everything.

I had a good friend in school ages ago. His initials spelled out a rather crude term for one who prefers the company of their own sex in relationships. (His first name was Francisco.) Last I'd heard he was a cop. In rural Alabama.

Anyone who grows up having to wear a label that doesn't fit them knows the power a namer holds over them. Those of us who got lucky or had someone with skill provide the name tend to forget that sometimes our names define us rather than the other way around.

Just ask Mr. "Oss-wee-pay"

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