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April 17, 2007


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It would probably have been difficult to find _any_ ad flogging clothing or a beauty product that would not have been an odd juxtaposition with the article on body image. While we might occasionally see thoughtful (hopefully) writing about the stranglehold that body image has on us, any such writing is completely swamped both by the commercialization of thin! thin! thin! and, in most magazines, the overwhelming number of articles about diet, thin, easy diet, lose pounds, simple diet, lose weight with no effort, super easy diet, 10 pounds in 10 days, the no-sweat diet, lose a size in a week. It's a tough thing to try to convince people that normal is ok.

Mike--I agree with you about the hyping of "thin," but speaking as someone who's worked with beauty and fashion clients, I disagree that _any_ ad would have been a poor fit in the case I cite. An ad for shoes, for example, would not have offended (even when the jeans are a tight squeeze, a 6B pump always works!); so would perfume, jewelry, cosmetics, or travel. Yes, depending on their imagery they may all be complicit to some extent in the "can't be too thin" dogma, but at least the association would be less overt.

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