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April 26, 2007


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Mantastic post!

My husband and his poker playing friends call the garage/ workshop/ extra building on our property Man-World. He just built a round table for them all to sit around.

A couple weeks ago I heard "manpeedo" for a speedo worn by a man. That one seems unnecessary since it's already men who typically get the attention for wearing a tiny speedo. It's like saying "mantoupee" or "manxedo".

Hey get this: I recognized some of the commentary that you quoted. I thought "where have I heard that before?" Then I thought "did I write that?"

In fact I did offer some of those to the ADS LISTSERV several months ago. How nice to see that the lines made it all the way here.

Michael: By golly, you're right! I didn't know about your blog back then. I've dug through the ADS-L archives and updated my post to give you full credit!

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