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April 25, 2007


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I like your style of presentation very clear

I've seen the advance/advanced thing in reverse (the former used for the latter). That the select/selected thing might, in addition to just general lack of discrimination about those terms, be subject to the dropped -d that has also largely abandoned "grill chesse," "ice tea," and "old-fashion." (And lest we be too smug, that earlier abandoned "skim milk" and "roast beef." Dunno, just a thot.

Mike--Interesting examples! But I wonder: was there ever a difference in meaning between "roasted" beef and "roast" beef, the way there is between "advanced" degrees and "advance" warning? I'm not a martinet on this subject, but I do think it's nice to match words with specific meanings. Or, as Humpty Dumpty put it: "When I use a word, it means just what I choose it to mean--no more or less."

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