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March 12, 2007


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Hi Nancy,

Thanks for your comments about the search engine names post. You're right, some of those categories are used pretty generously. The Real Words category includes anything that people actually say, whether or not it's in the dictionary (e.g. "boing", "grok"). You know how linguists are. Maybe no one really says "grokker"--that probably belongs in the Affixed Words category. The Foreign Words category includes anything that's not contemporary English, the language in which The Name Inspector is written. Putting "soople" there was a *little* strange, but there it is. You're probably right about it being coined and then associated with the archaic "soople" after the fact.

Sorry your favorite search engine was not on the list, but the post was based entirely on Charles Knight's February list of Top 100 Alternative Search Engines, which appeared on Read/WriteWeb.

All the best to you!

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