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March 03, 2007


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LOL - as an aspiring screenwriter (my day job is SEO writer), i read blogs written by pro screenwriters and lee goldberg's is one of them. I had read this post a while back and i was as dumbstruck at the woman asking the question as she was of lee goldberg.

another passion of mine is improv acting classes, but that form of art is even more out of the public mind's eye than screenwriting, that it befuddles me why people wouldn't think that shows are written (esp. if you're attending a writer's conference!)

Reminds me of once when I told a woman I was a namer, and she said, "Don't things already have names?"

My father always got astonished stares when he said he wrote for Let’s Make a Deal. He rarely had the heart to tell the doubters that there were three full-time writers on staff (when the show aired daily).

Ha! Reminds me of when I first left the corporate writing job for a more "creative" job at an ad agency. We didn't just do ads, but promotional materials and packaging as well. After a few months I ran into some friends from the old job and they wanted to know if I'd done anything they might have seen.

I said I was sure they had, and mentioned a popular brand of microwave popcorn. "Do you know that phrase, "Open other end?" I asked. They did. "I came up with that!"

Yes, somebody has to write that.

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