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March 27, 2007


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The enterprise was originally going to be known by the slightly-more-lilting handle Operation Iraqi Liberation:


At the last minute (well, about a minute after the last minute), someone in that irony-challenged crew finally noticed the acronym, and changed it to "Freedom".

Wrong taget audience for this question (did Janice Hough - whoever she may be - even know where Iraq was prior to the war?). Let's ask those Iraqis whose families members were dropped into acid vats, shredded alive, or whose children were raped right in front of them (all historical facts). THEY may have a different opinion. We spend too much time talking to ourselves.

By the way, what about all the voices saying that the US should be doing something about Darfur now - doing WHAT exactly? Issuing resolutions against the crazed Janjaweed barbarians?

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