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February 28, 2007


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I'm curious... at what point does it become proper to use a word instead of "000?" Is it "millions?"

I am in no way a copywriter so I'm pretty much clueless here.

(I wouldn't put it past me to write "1 hundred" or maybe write twenty as "2 ten." Okay... probably not the last one.)

Tate (and others who may want to know)--According to convention and Associated Press style, "million" and greater are always spelled out. "Thousand" is spelled out only in casual usage: "I must've seen him ten thousand times." From the AP Stylebook on dollar figures: "The form for amounts less than $1 million: $4, $25, $500, $1,000, $650,000."

The AP Stylebook is well worth the $20-a-year subscription.

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