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February 06, 2007


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I grew up with a father who was raised on a farm in the midwest, so I too, love a little "cornball". K9p made me laugh out loud! Thanks for the giggle.

I'm a fan too! And I confess to liking cornball.

But there is some times more going on - especially in the telling of news from my hometown.

A friend of mine once greeted Garrison Keillor after a show and told him that he enjoyed Keillor's sermons.

Keillor told me friend, "I don't preach sermons."

My friend replied, "Yes you do."

Keillor leaned close to whisper to my friend and said, "you caught me."

Thanks for coming out regarding appreciation of PHC.

Always a treat to read what you write...keep creating,

Huge Keillor fan here. Good examples of why. :)

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