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February 15, 2007


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Well, better than "Meer", I guess.

That's what you milk meercats to get, anyway.

Hmmmm... you can't call it m + ale = male either. or brew combined with milk comes out gross as "brilk" or "mew". Lager doesn't change to "mager" very well. So I would go with the satisfying flavor of "Moo-juice" --- that's what Grampa always called milk and it IS juiced up a bit, I suppose.

I got it!! Call it "Moosky" -- the utterly smooth taste of your favorite brewsky with a milk base.

In a weird way I actually like the name. Sure it is a little ungainly and ugly sounding - but the whole concept fits that description. I could envision an ad campaign (albeit a tricky one to pull off) that takes advantage of the English connotations in a sly way. Not sure that's the image they're going for, but it's out there.

Get your nutrients at the brew pub!

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