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February 20, 2007


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What a treasure trove, all in one day's post! I haven't even clicked any links and I'm already grinning.

Hi Nancy,

Thanks for the mention and the criticism. I fixed the "who's" blunder among others, but there's probably a few more lurking in the dictionary. It's not a good thing to poke fun at aggravating word usage while I'm a little guilty of it myself!

All the best,


Some of the misused 'literally' examples seem appropriately cited to me, like "literally crawling with cops" (there were just lots of cops), but the "literally raining cats" use seems pretty much within bounds. It was about overwhelmed pet shelters: they were inundated with a spate of cats, so at least in a partial sense the metaphor was literalized.

Dave--The shelters may indeed have been flooded with felines, but it wasn't "literally raining" cats. As the post points out, "There is no mention of precipitation or falling cats" in the source text.

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